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Millefiori Books by Willyne Hammerstein, 1, 2 and 3


These quality publications are well known to many EPPers.

Number three in the series contains 18 exceptional quilts - well illustrated with magnificent photos and detailed written instructions.

The third in the series will be arriving in early October 218.

Millefiori 2 is available now, and Millefiori 1 is being reprinted, and will arrive in Australia in December 2018. Book 1 contains the somewhat famous La Passacaglia pattern.

Please be careful when ordering, as there are three different books and a Lay Buy option for each below.

If you choose Lay Buy you will be charged a third of the purchase price now ($23) plus shipping. We will send you PayPal invoices for a further two payments of $23 (August and September).

And if you' like to Lay Buy all three books, you will save 15% of the purchase price. (That's a lot of EPP to look forward to).


(The quilt photos are both sneak peaks from Mill 3).