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Judy Newmans, Quilts for Life

by Judy Newman


It seems that suddenly EVERYONE is talking about Judy's book, and now that I have it in my hand, I can see why.

Judy is a delightful woman and maker of delightful quilts. This is a Quiltmania publication, which means high quality, magnificent imagery and a quilt book antique of the future. These are the sorts of books you pass along to the crafting generations to come.

Choose to pay it all at once, or Lay buy in with three equal payments. (Posted will be charged here on hour first payment).

I have also added in-store pick up options (it just deducts the cost of the book, so you end up with just the book price of $69.00).

If you choose the Lay Buy/part payment option we shall invoice you for two further payments of $23 ea.

Image credits are all to @judynewman